Features Observations
•Predominant cell
•Arrangement of cells
•Type of basaloid cells
•Other cells
•Back ground
Basaloid – small round cells with deeply basophilic appearance due to aggregation of nuclei. Cohesive clusters, dyscohesive groups, papillary fragments, rosettes, glandular structures, acinar pattern, solitary cells.
•Cells with scant cytoplasm with small dark nuclei
•Cells with scant cytoplasm with large pale nucleus
•Cuboidal cells with round nucleus and basophilic cytoplasm
•Round cells with clear cytoplasm
•Chondromyxoid – stromal fibrillary fragments with stain bluish pink to magenta with giemsa.
•Heamorrhagic – blood mixed
•Necrosis – necrotic material
•Mucinous – mucin rich
•Inflammatory cells – lymphocytes
•Basement membrane material – acellular homogenous hyaline bands or globules
Table 1: Cytological observations in smears studied.