Parameter Groups* Cso T30min T30mR1h T30mR24h T30mR48h T30mR1wk
Cholesterol (a) mg/
milligram protein
29.7±4.1 24.3±2.8a 35.8±3.4a,b 31±1.8b 28.2±7.08c 28.3±4.4c
*Number of animals in each group=12; a, b, c, d, e: Significant at P<0.05.
a=when compared to Cos; b= when compared to T30m; c= when compared to T30mR1h;
Cso= Sham operated control; T= torsion; R=reperfusion (time duration shown as subscript).
Table 2: The effect of testicular torsion and detorsion on total protein concentration expressed as microgram per gram of fresh tissue; values are represented as mean ± standard deviation (SD).