Figure 3: Ultrastructure photomicrographs showing control acinar cell with apical slectron dense secretory granules (Figure 3A X6000). Acinar cell of group II appears with irregular heterochromatic nucleus, dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum and electron lucent secretory granules (Figure 3B X 3000). Some acinar cells of group III contain irregular nuclei (n), dilated rough endoplasmic reticulum (R) and multiple vacuoles (v) (Figure 3C X 4000). Interlobular duct cells appears normal in control group (Figure 3D X4000) and group III (Figure 3F X5000) while epithelial cells lining interlobular ducts and acini of group II are seen with heterochromatic nuclei, electron dense granules and vacuoles (Figure 3E X2000) (m) mitochondria, (g) secretory granules, (R) rough endoplasmic reticulum, (arrow heads) desmosomes, (v) vacuoles, (N) nucleus, (L) lumen.