Site of primary cancer Number of cases Site of subcutaneous metastasis Sex Type
Breast 6 Chest wall (4) F(4) Infiltrating ductal carcinoma
Esophagus 2 Chest wall (2) M(2) SCC
Larynx 2 Neck (2) M(2) SCC
Lung 1 flank M SCC
Bladder 2 Abdominal wall M(2) TCC
Liver 2 Abdominal wall M(2) HCC
Colon 1 Thigh F Adenocarcinoma
Adrenal 1 Elbow M Adrenocortical carcinoma
Kidney 1 Scalp F RCC
Testis 1 Chin M Choriocarcinoma
Soft Tissue 3 Thigh (2 MFH) Leg (Ewing) M(2MFH) F(Ewing’s) MFH Ewing’s sarcoma
Bone 1 Neck F Chondrosarcoma
Stomach 1 Chest wall F NonHodgin’s lymphoma
Bone Marrow 1 Elbow M Multiple Myeloma
Table 1: Shows the characteristic findings in 25 patients with subcutaneous nodules.