Figure 3: (A) A section of a seminiferous tubule showing stage 4 showing old (elongated) spermatids (os) near the lumen of the tubule, 2 generations of spermatocytes (sp), dark nucleus of spermatogonia (sg) and triangular nucleus of sertoli cell (S). (B) stage 6 of seminiferous tubule showing old spermatids (0s) inserted in sertoli cell cytoplasm and many rows of rond spermatids (rs). (C) stage 7 of seminiferous tubules showing multiple rows of round spermatids (rs) and a single row of spermatocytes (sp). (D) stage 8 showing round spermatids (rs) and spermatocytes (sp). (Hx. & E. X 500, 1000).