Figure 5: Electron micrographs of rats renal glomeruli showing 5A) the podocyte (Po) of the inner capsular membrane having an irregular nucleus (N), few thick primary cytoplasmic processes (P1) and numerous secondary processes (P2) on the basement membrane (BM) of the glomerular capillary (Ca) with slit diaphragms (arrow heads) in-between. The glomerular capillary is lined by discontinuous endothelial cells (E) and contains blood cells within its wide lumen (RBC). In addition, mesangial cell (Mc), with large nucleus surrounded by little amount of electron-dense cytoplasm, is seen between the capillary loops in the control rats; 5B). in cisplatin-treated rats there are partial fusion of the secondary foot processes (P2) of the podocytes (Pc) on the basement membrane (BM) of the glomerular capillary (Ca), wide capsular space (arrow) and dilation and congestion of between the glomerular capillary (Ca); 5C) many mesangial cells (Mc) containing vacuoles (V) are observed in the glomerulus of misoprostoltreated rats; 5D) dilation capillary loops is seen within the glomerulus in combined misoprostol and cisplatin-treated rats group.