tail Reheated middle   head   tail Fried middle   head   tail Raw middle   head  
4.38±0.25a 4.09±0.12ab 4.10±0.15ab 3.82±0.10b 3.83±0.23b 3.83±0.12b 2.82±0.11c 2.79±0.90c 2.81±0.71c Lipid
4.21±0.19c 4.30±0.12c 4.82±0.19ab 5.16±0.28a 4.81±0.38ab 4.47±0.42bc 2.56±0.11d 2.39±0.66d 2.83±0.74d PV
0.55±0.06a 0.51±0.06ab 0.43±0.07bc 0.44±0.05abc 0.38±0.05c 0.27±0.16d 0.08±0.006e 0.07±0.007e 0.07±0.005e TBA
Values are means and S.D. of triplicate. Means with the same small letter within a row were not significantly different at P<0.05 level for head, middle and tail in different treatments
Table 1: Changes in lipid (%), peroxide (PV, Meq O2 / kg oil) and thiobarbituric acid (TBA) value (mg malonaldehyde/kg) of raw, fried and fried-chilled-reheated fillets of kutum. Data are expressed as meanąS.D. Rows that have no common letters are significantly different (P<0.05).