Properties SP1_W_YR SP2_P_P SP3_P_Y SP4_OP_O MBS
Chemical composition, %db(*) -Moisture 09.97a(0.50) 10.14a(0.29) 10.03a(0.10) 09.79a(0.63) 10.13a(0.09)
-Protein 0.21b(0.021) 0.15a(0.018) 0.21b(0.017) 0.23b(0.028) 0.16a(0.019)
-Lipid 0.031c(0.0073) 0.084a(0.0027) 0.061b(0.0026) 0.039c(0.0079) 0.038c(0.0054)
-Ash 0.137b(0.0238) 0.282d(0.0480)(0.0238) 0.110b(0.0221)(0.0480) 0.221c(0.0353)(0.0221) 0.053a(0.0055)
Apparent amylosecontent (%) (*) 31.50c(0.81) 29.34d(0.56) 28.06d(1.11) 34.52b(1.18) 40.36a (0.59)
Granule size (┬Ám) (**)          
-Range 8.27-25.37 5.18-24.55 6.63-30.47 7.11-29.50 8.42-38.43
-Average 15.31(0.05) 14.88(0.01) 17.26(1.02) 14.80(0.42) 24.04(1.00)
(*)All values are mean of three replications. Data in the parenthesis are standard deviation. Within the same column, the va lues with different letters are significant
difference at p < 0.05 by LSD test.
(**)All values are means of three determinations. For each determination, the value was average of fifty particles
Table 1: Comparison of the chemical composition and granule size among all sweet potato starch and mung bean starches.