Samples Dry Noodles Cooked Noodles
L* a* b* L* a* b*
MBS_N 57.99a(0.67) -1.35a(0.21) 5.41f(0.20) 55.67a(0.02) -1.84d(0.02) -3.97d(0.24)
1S_9M_N 57.19a(0.41) -1.26a(0.06) 7.39e(0.06) 55.49a(0.28) -1.87d(0.06) -3.89d(0.16)
2S_8M_N 57.05a(1.18) -1.25a(0.05) 8.84d(0.35) 54.95a(0.41) -1.92d(0.07) -1.86c(0.47)
3S_7M_N 56.80a(0.15) -1.22a(0.09) 11.18c(0.30) 53.64b(0.70) -2.21c(0.06) 0.62b(0.46)
4S_6M_N 54.13b(0.04) -1.18a(0.04) 12.41b(0.53) 53.12b(0.59) -2.49b(0.10) 0.24b(0.15)
SPS_N 48.62c(0.44) 0.72b(0.08) 16.83a(0.40) 51.62c(0.28) -2.78a(0.03) 3.93a(0.33)
All values are mean of three replications. Data in the parenthesis are standard deviation. Within the same column, the values with different letters are significant difference at p < 0.05 by LSD test.
Table 6: The color of dry and cooked noodles at different ratios of SPS and MBS.