Samples Cookingtime (min) Rehydration (%) Cookingloss(%) E(MPa)


MBS_N 10.33a(0.29) 215.22c(7.23) 1.44e(0.13) 51.40a(2.24) 1.80a(0.05)
1S_9M_N 10.17ab(0.29) 217.66c(8.50) 1.55de(0.09) 50.77a(0.64) 1.68ab(0.13)
2S_8M_N 9.83abc(0.29) 223.87bc(9.89) 1.64d(0.13) 47.93ab(1.18) 1.53bc(0.15)
3S_7M_N 9.67bc(0.29) 228.63bc(4.03) 2.05c(0.11) 45.22bc(1.39) 1.44c(0.11)
4S_6M_N 9.33bc(0.29) 234.57b(5.30) 2.52b(0.10) 42.78c(3.97) 1.35cd(0.06)
SPS_N 8.67d(0.29) 285.99a(6.70) 3.68a(0.08) 28.42d(0.69) 1.21d(0.04)
All values are mean of three replications. Data in the parenthesis are standard deviation. Within the same column, the values with different letters are significant difference at p < 0.05 by LSD test.
Table 7: The cooking quality and tensile characteristics of noodles made from different ratios of SPS and MBS.