SAMPLE Dry Noodles Cooked Noodles
Appearance Hardness(*) Overall Acceptability Appearance Stickness Elasticity Flavour Overall Acceptability
MBS_N (reference sample) 5.00a 5.00a 5.00a 5.00a 5.00a 5.00a 5.00a 5.00a
SPS_N 1.92e(0.83) 2.17d(0.67) 2.08d(0.67) 2.92d(0.51) 2.00d(0.74) 2.83d(0.72) 3.75b(0.87) 2.25c(0.45)
1S_9M_N 4.58ab(0.67) 4.58a(0.67) 4.67ab(0.65) 4.58ab(0.67) 4.50ab(0.80) 4.50abc(0.67) 4.67a(0.49) 4.67a(0.78)
2S_8M_N 4.42a(0.67) 4.67a(0.65) 4.50ab(0.80) 4.50bc(0.67) 4.42ab(0.79) 4.58ab(0.79) 4.58a(0.51) 4.75ab(0.45)
3S_7M_N 3.92c(0.51) 3.92c(0.51) 4.42bc(0.79) 4.08bc(0.67) 4.25bc(0.87) 4.33bc(0.78) 4.75a(0.45) 4.58ab(0.67)
4S_6M_N 3.33d(0.49) 3.25c(0.75) 3.92c(0.67) 4.17c(0.39) 3.75c(0.62) 4.00c(0.60) 4.67a(0.65) 4.17b(0.58)
(*) Appearance : transparence and glossiness, Hardness : broken degree, Elasticity : stretching it until they broke; Stickiness : attaching two noodle strands to each other and pulling them apart. All values are mean of three replications. Data in the parenthesis are standard deviation. Within the same column, the values with different letters are significant difference at p < 0.05 by LSD test.
Table 8: Average scores of sensory evaluation for noodles made from various SPS ratios.