Aging Time(hr) Dry Noodles Cooked Noodles
L* a* b* L* a* b*
1 57.53a(0.14) -1.54a(0.06) 9.68a(0.13) 56.95b(0.88) -2.23a(0.18) -0.43 b(0.20)
10 57.92a(0.45) -1.44b(0.03) 7.67b(0.22) 59.37a(0.27) -1.91b(0.06) -0.48b(0.16)
20 57.90a(0.45) -1.44b(0.01) 5.83c(0.03) 59.73a(0.3) -2.22a(0.02) -1.82d(0.17)
All values are mean of three replications. Data in the parenthesis are standard deviation. Within the same column, the values with different letters are significant difference at p < 0.05 by LSD test
Table 11: The color of dry and cooked noodles at different aging time.