Agingtime (hr) Cooking quality Tensile characteristics
  Cookingtime (min) Rehydration (%) Cookingloss(%) E(MPa) re
1 6.17a(0.29) 184.20a(9.97) 1.31a(0.12) 40.51c(1.37) 1.31a(0.01)
10 5.67a(0.29) 182.87a(7.31) 1.01b(0.04) 50.67b(2.87) 1.35a(0.09)
20 5.50a(0.29) 185.14a(9.30) 0.85c(0.06) 56.86a(3.10) 1.41a(0.06)
All values are mean of three replications. Data in the parenthesis are standard deviation. Within the same column, the values with different l etters are significant difference at p < 0.05 by LSD test.
Table 12: The cooking quality and tensile characteristics of noodles at different aging time.