Storage period (Months) Moisture PV FFA TBA Browning
0 31.81a 4.94a 0.46a 0.053a 0.049a
3 31.69a 6.20b 0.80b 0.058b 0.061b
6 31.45a 9.82c 1.06c 0.065c 0.072c
9 30.85b 12.92d 1.58d 0.074d 0.084d
12 30.68b 15.10e 1.79e 0.082e 0.092e
a-e Values within the same column with different superscripts differ significantly (p=0.05).
Table 2: Changes in moisture content (%), peroxide value (PV, meqO2/kg fat), free fatty acid value (FFA, (% oleic acid), thiobarbituric acid value (TBA, mg MA/ kg sample) and browning index (OD at 420 nm) of retort processed chapaties (Fo= 3.0) and stored under ambient temperatures (14-35°C).