Storage period (Months) Hardness (N) Chewiness (N,mm) Stiffness (N, mm) Springiness (mm)
0 5.12a 3.81a 15.22a 1.85a
3 6.18b 4.22b 20.34b 1.20b
6 8.22c 4.86c 28.40c 0.90c
9 11.54d 5.14d 34.21d 0.80d
12 14.40e 6.25e 39.12e 0.64e
a-e Values within the same column with different superscripts differ significantly (p=0.05).
Table 4: Changes in texture profile of retort processed chapaties (F0=3.0) and stored under ambient temperature (14-35°C) conditions.