S/No Meat contamination risk factors Slaughterhouse practices Remark
    Hargeisa Berbera  
1 Carcass hoisting facilities Yes Yes Full compliance
2 Demarcation between clean & dirty areas No No Both  practice batch slaughter
3 Adequate light provision Yes No Non- compliance for Berbera. Light is provided by paraffin lanterns
4 Condemnation disposal pit availability yes No Non- compliance by Berbera
5 Impervious floors & walls Yes Yes Hargeisa has mosaic floor tiles while Berbera is smooth cement floor.
6 Are floors & walls cracked No Yes Poor maintenance by Berbera
7 Good maintained drainage system Yes Poor Poor compliance by Berbera
8 Stainless steel slaughter equipments Adequate Inadequate Berbera has rudimentary equipments
9 Are equipments washed immediately Yes Yes Full compliance
10 Do all personnel put on protective gear Yes None Non-compliance for Berbera
11 Is the protective gear washed immediately after use Yes N/A Full compliance by Hargeisa
12 Available hand washing facilities Yes Inadequate  
13 Is waste accumulation permitted No Yes  
14 Adequate cold potable water provision Yes Yes supplied by municipal tank in Berbera
15 Is there accumulated rubbish heaps in compound No Yes  
16 Are meat loaders in protective gear Yes No  
17 Are meat carriers washed and sanitized immediately after use Yes No  
  Total Compliance-16 Non- compliance-1 Compliance-4 Non-compliance-13  
Table 4: Compliance or non-compliance with hygiene standards.