Days of Storage
  0 1 4 7
Firmness, g        
APF 200 225.1a 355.1a 406.9a 434.6b
APF 300 174.1e 322.4b 378.5c 466.8a
APF 400 191.3b 280.7d 362.5d 424.2d
APF 500 179.9d 307.5c 398.7b 424.5c
FOC 200 189.8c 262.1g 351.5e 413.5e
FOC 300 165.4g 210.0h 296.7h 306.2h
FOC 400 171.1f 264.1f 325.5g 388.0f
FOC 500 151.3h 267.0e 335.2f 382.8g
a Means with same superscript are not significantly different (P<0.005) according to Duncan Means Test.
Table 3: Effect of fat source in cake mixes on the firmness of cakes during storage.