Cultivars Oil uptake
(% dry basis)
Initial moisture content
(% wet basis)
Colour Texture
L a b E (N/mm) F (N)
GJ #2010 9.61±0.91a 77.39±1.18a 62.98±3.43b 0.20±4.42d 33.62±7.14c 2.15±1.44d 2.43±1.62b
WT 8.55±0.32b 64.76±1.64b 71.21±3.21a 1.10±5.76c 33.57±8.49c 3.40±1.30b 3.97±0.85a
GJ GR B 8.78±0.56ba4.80±0.17c 9.14±0.50ba 77.03±1.09a
63.46±4.23b 60.40±2.68c 57.15±2.75d 0.22±4.32d 9.98±3.94b 20.57±4.18a 34.73±5.15c 44.11±5.92b 47.71±2.96a 2.17±0.97d 4.16±1.58a 2.68±0.94c 2.08±0.51b 3.97±1.17a 2.38±0.50b
Mean values followed by the same letters within a column are not significantly different (P>0.05).
L=lightness; a= redness; b= yellowness; E= elastic modulus; F= Maximum force
GJ #2010= ‘Georgia Jet clone #2010’; WT=’White Travis’; GJ=’Georgia Jet’; GR= ‘Ginseng Red’; B=’Beauregard’
Table 1: Mean values for oil uptake, moisture loss, texture and colours of the different sweet potato cultivars after deep fat- frying.