Blanching Total Coliform Counts (Log CFU/g )
Time (min) Calcium % Day 1 Day 5 Day 8 Day 12
2.5 0 1.00±0.00a 1.00±0.00a 1.30±0.30a 2.27±0.64a
1 1.00±0.00a 1.43±0.51a 1.92±0.84a 2.42±2.47a
2 1.00±0.00a 1.00±0.00a 1.74±0.72a 2.68±2.38a
3 1.00±0.00a 1.36±0.62a 2.11±0.90ab 4.71±0.65b
5 0 1.00±0.00a 1.23±0.40a 1.75±0.74a 2.84±1.08a
1 1.00±0.00a 1.00±0.00a 1.90±0.85ab 4.23±0.26b
2 1.00±0.00a 1.32±0.55a 1.49±0.50ab 3.27±0.31b
3 1.00±0.00a 1.00±0.00a 2.44±0.14b  1.55±0.95ab
10 0 1.00±0.00a 1.00±0.00a 2.24±0.05a 1.00±0.00a
1 1.00±0.00a 1.44±0.76ab 2.38±0.29ab 2.94±2.07b
2 1.00±0.00a 1.37±0.64a 1.57±0.75a 4.18±0.74b
3 1.00±0.00a 1.00±0.00a 1.30±0.52a 2.53±1.64b
Data represent the means of log values S.E. Means in same rows followed by an identical letter were not statistically different (P>0.05)
Table 4: Growth of coliform bacteria in blanched edamame stored at 4oC.