Blanching Storage time
Time (min) Calcium % One week One month Three months
    Intensity of green color (-a/b)
2.5 0 0.56±0.02a 0.55±0.01a 0.56±0.01a
10 0 0.47±0.02a 0.47±0.01a 0.44±0.06a
    Force (gf)
2.5 0 5320±22.3a 4228±291b 3563±190c
10 0 4583±628a 3697±0.40b 2803±197c
Data represent the mean ± S.E. Means in same rows followed by an identical letter were not statistically different (P>0.05)
Table 5: Intensity of green color and hardness of selected blanched edamame stored under frozen for different time intervals.