(Nectar Blends)
Sensory attributes (max. score)
Overall acceptability
Papaya-apricot nectar (control) (B1) 19.81a±0.38 16.92c±0.64 18.07a±0.54 19.48a±0.34 18.21a±0.28 83.17cd±2.45
PAN with aspartame (B2) 11.27e±0.08 8.22d±0.86 10.15d±0.47 11.08e±0.83 13.65b±0.84 71.16e±1.07
PAN with stevioside (B3) 11.64e±0.42 8.34d±0.99 9.63d±0.83 10.39e±0.71 13.84b ±0.57 69.10e±2.08
PAN with guar gum (B4) 18.57b±0.39 19.41a±0.14 17.64ab±1.23 17.82b±0.35 18.94a±0.61 96.14a±1.83
PAN with arabic gum (B5) 18.31b±0.48 17.86abc±0.53 16.81ab±0.85 17.21b±0.96 18.04a±0.34 93.18a±0.97
PAN with xanthan gum  (B6) 18.94b±0.24 18.87ab±0.67 17.52ab±0.62 17.91b±0.67 19.01a±0.81 95.53a±0.84
PAN with (aspartame + guar gum) (B7) 15.41cd±0.19 18.60abc±1.04 15.99bc±0.97 15.86c±0.96 14.58b±0.70 88.17b±1.27
PAN with (aspartame + arabic gum) (B8) 14.87d±0.54 17.39bc±0.82 14.86c±1.28 15.44d±0.51 14.33b±0.93 83.11cd±1.36
PAN with (aspartame + xanthan gum) (B9) 15.68c±0.61 18.12abc±0.32 15.64bc±0.25 15.91c±0.28 14.61b±0.82 86.17bc±1.57
PAN with (stevioside + guar gum) (B10) 15.36cd±0.27 18.43abc±0.55 15.68bc±0.31 14.79d±0.37 14.47b±0.71 84.75bcd±1.25
PAN with (stevioside + arabic gum) (B11) 14.81d±0.69 17.11bc±0.36 14.77c±0.52 14.68d±0.68 14.32b±0.68 81.17d±2.04
PAN with (stevioside + xanthan gum) (B12) 15.54c±0.40 18.04abc±0.75 15.65bc±0.61 14.89d±0.72 14.58b±0.94 83.19cd±1.67
L.S.D at P<0.05 0.67 1.81 1.76 0.81 1.64 4.57
a,b There is no significant different ( P > 0.05) between any two means, within the same attribute have the same letter.
Table 1: Sensory properties of papaya and apricot nectar (PAN) blends.