Variety Origin Suitable for the region of Speciality References
RMt-1 SKN CA, Jobner, RAU-Bikaner Gujarat, Rajasthan Semi-erect, tall, bold, yellow grains 1
RMt-143 SKN CA, Jobner Rajasthan 16 q ha-1 1
RMt-305 SKN CA, Jobner All fenugreek growing areas 1300 kg ha-1, dwarf, multipoded, early maturity 1
NRCSS-AM-1 NRCSS Ajmer Rajasthan Seed bold and large, specially grown for leaves high yield 1
NRCSS-AM-2 NRCSS Ajmer Rajasthan Small size seed, specially grown for green leaves high yield 1
GM-1 Gujarat Agricultural University Gujarat Dwarf, 18.6 q ha-1 1
CO-1 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Tamil Nadu Short and green, medium sized brownish orange seeds 1
Rajandra Kranti Rajandra Agricultural University Bihar Tolerant bushy green, seeds are medium sized golden yellow 1
Lam selection-1 Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University Andhra Pradesh bushy green plant with medium sized golden yellow seeds 1
Hisar Sonali Haryana Agricultural University Haryana Bushy, semi-erect with bold yellow attractive seeds 1
Hisar Suvarna Haryana Agricultural University Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan Dual purpose cultivar 1
Hisar Mukta CCS Haryana Agricultural University-Hisar North India Resistant to downy mildew, yield 20-23 q ha-1 1
HM-350 CCS Haryana Agricultural University Haryana Medium in maturity, yield 19-20 q ha-1 1
Pant Ragini GB PUAT Pantnagar UP Dual purpose, good for leaf and seed purpose, tall, bushy 1
Pusa Early Bunching IARI New Delhi   Bold seed, quick growing, suitable for seed as well as leaf 1
Pusa Kasuri IARI New Delhi   Leaf purpose, small seeds, 1
AC Amber Developed at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Morden, Manitoba, Canada Canada   2
Indian temple India     2
AC Tristar Developed at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Canada   3
F96 Italy Italy   3
F75, F86 Afghanistan Afghanistan   3
Table 3: Some of the well known varieties of fenugreek.