Sr No Problem of fenugreek consumption Cause/effect Reference
1 Decrease in body weight and T3 (Thyroid hormone) It has less fat and nutritive value whereas it act as bulk in intestine 35
2 Interfere with the absorption of oral medication Rich in fibre 35
3 Produces a unwanted odd smelling Fenugreek eating 107
4 Stomach pain Excess eating, have high fibre content can’t be easily digested  
5 Hypoglycaemic agents, lower serum glucose level Due to anti-diabetic nature 38, 39
Problem of processing of fenugreek
1 On increasing pH Anti-oxidant properties decreases 36
2 Ambient grinding Loss of flavour, aroma and protein 26
3 Drying of fenugreek in high temperature (seed, leaves) Loss of β-carotene, ascorbic acid, chlorophyll content 37, 25
4 During grinding sticks to the grinder‘s wheels Due to gummy and sticky nature
Leads to chocking
Table 6: Problems associated with the use and processing of fenugreek.