Drying Methods Temperature, Power level (ºC,Watt) Total phenolics (mg/100g) Antioxidant (µM/g)              Sensory Evaluation
Colour Shape Aroma Overall Acceptability
HAD 50 455ab 151ab 6.0ab 5.5ab 7.0ab 6.0a
60 615c 198c 6.5b 6.0b 7.5b 7.0b
70 493bc 167bc 6.0ab 6.0b 7.0ab 6.0a
80 338a 139a 5.5a 5.0a 6.5a 5.5a
FBD 50 181a 68a 5.0a 4.0a 5.0a 4.5a
60 165b 56b 5.0b 4.0a 5.0a 4.5a
70 162b 48bc 4.0b 3.0b 4.0b 3.5b
80 145c 42c 3.0c 2.5b 3.0b 3.0b
MWD 180 335a 205a 6.0a 6.5a 6.5a 6.0a
360 436ab 281b 8.0bc 7.5bc 8.0bc 8.0bc
540 692c 377c 8.5c 8.0c 8.5c 8.5c
720 553bc 287b 8.0bc 8.0c 8.0bc 8.0bc
900 372a 181a 7.5b 7.0ab 7.5b 7.5b
*The values having same superscript in a column for individual drying are not significantly different at p<0.05
Table 3: Quality Analysis of the leaves dried at different temperature and power level.