Treatment / Time   MAP AP VP
Appearance Day 1 8.19a 7.86a 8.10a
  Day 7 7.91a,x 6.19b,y 7.45ab,xy
  Day 14 7.45a,x 5.88c,y 7.13ab,x
  Day 21 6.80a,x 4.38d,y 5.81b, xy
Odor Day 1 7.88a 7.75a 7.91a
  Day 7 7.62a,x 7.03ab,y 7.54ab,x
  Day 14 7.02a,x 6.19b,y 6.90ab,x
  Day 21 6.67a,x 5.86b,y 5.91b,y
Texture Day 1 8.70a 8.40a 8.70a
  Day 7 7.90ab 7.61ab 8.00ab
  Day 14 7.00bc,x 6.57b,y 7.10bc,x
  Day 21 6.60c,x 5.54b,z 5.90c,y
Overall Quality Day 1 8.43a 8.31a 8.64a
  Day 7 7.60ab,xy 6.89b,y 7.91ab,x
  Day 14 6.97b,x 5.99c,y 6.62b,xy
  Day 21 6.61b,x 4.96d,z 5.87c, y
a, b, c, dvalues in the same column with different superscripts are significantly different (p <0.05).
x, y, z values in the same row with different superscripts are significantly different (p <0.05).
MAP: modified atmosphere packaging, AP: Air packaging, VP: Vacuum packaging.
Table 2 : Sensory attributes of camel meat stored in different atmospheres packaging during storage time