Treatment Code Process parameters Sensory attributes
T (°C) t (hr) Fan speed (rpm) Color Odor Flavor Glossiness Texture Overall acceptability
A 85 9 570 5.3e 7.4b 7.7b 5.4d 6.1e 7.5b
B 85 8 1120 7.2b 6.5c 6.5d 5.9c 6.2de 6.8bcd
C 75 9 570 7.2b 5.8d 6.4d 6.3b 7.0b 7.1bc
D 75 8 570 7.2b 6.7c 6.5d 6.4b 6.7bc 6.6cd
E 75 9 1120 6.8c 5.4e 5.7e 5.8c 6.2de 6.1d
F 75 8 1120 6.7cd 6.1d 6.2d 7.6a 6.5cd 6.9bc
G 85 8 570 6.4d 7.2b 7.2c 6.4b 6.7bc 7.4bc
H 85 9 1120 8.2a 8.6a 8.2a 7.9a 7.5a 8.3a

Values with the same superscript letters within a column are not significantly different (p>0.05).
Table 5: Effect of hot smoking process parameters on sensory quality of tilapia fish fillets.