Starch RVA Parameters (cP)
FV T BD PV SB Ptime(min) Ptemp(°C)
NSPS 4153b 985c 1593a 2578a 3168b 5.32c 85.34c
HMSPS 5240a 786d 1350b 2136c 4454a 5.16d 83.26d
AMSPS 3609c 1583a 649c 2232b 2026c 5.53b 87.11b
EMSPS 3204d 1508b 519d 2027d 1696d 5.81a 88.25a

NSPS, HMSPS, AMSPS and EMSPS are as defined in table 1.
FV – Final viscosity, T – Trough, BD – Breakdown, PV – Peak viscosity, SB – set back viscosity, Ptime(min) – Peak time, Ptemp(° C) – Peak temperature.
Values with different superscripts differ significantly at P≤0.05.
Table 2: Pasting characteristics of native and modified sweet potato starches.