Treatment Mean sensory score*
Appearance Odor Taste Overall acceptability
B1 6.00bc 3.58g 3.08f 3.50h
B2 5.75de 4.75e 4.67e 4.75f
B3 5.58e 5.67c 6.00b 5.92bc
B4 6.08b 4.08f 4.67e 4.42g
B5 5.83cd 6.00b 5.75cd 5.75cd
B6 5.67de 6.83a 5.92bc 6.00b
B7 6.17b 5.08d 5.92bc 5.42e
B8 6.58a 6.75a 7.83a 7.33a
B9 5.50e 6.08a 5.67d 5.67d
SEm ± 0.061 0.073 0.073 0.062
CV, 12.48 16.21 15.92 13.82
*mean values of the samples having same superscript letter are not significantly different (P<0.01)
Table 3: Effect of different treatment on sensory characteristics of the prepared beverage.