Recipe Baking mode 115 % Optimum baking time 100 % Optimum baking time 90 % Optimum baking time
Mean SD Mean SD Mean SD
Control Mw 250 W I3.42 0.25ab I2.92 0.26ab I3.32 0.37ab
Mw 900 W I4.08 0.35ac II3.53 0.07c III2.71 0.25a
Conv 200 °C I3.20 0.24ab I2.84 0.22ad I3.06 0.22ab
+ 20% Flour Mw 250 W I3.91 0.54abc III3.24 0.22acd II2.75 0.40a
Mw 900 W I4.74 0.83c I4.89 0.18e II3.51 0.38b
Conv 200 °C I3.52 0.41ab I3.47 0.40c I3.03 0.21ab
+ 20% Margarine Mw 250 W I4.02 0.78abc III3.26 0.28acd II2.97 0.06ab
Mw 900 W I3.76 0.24abc II2.94 0.29bd II2.78 0.52a
Conv 200 °C I3.06 0.26b I2.74 0.21bd I2.98 0.29ab

*Tukey HSD; n = 5; p < 0.05; mean values followed by a common letter within the same column are not significantly different; mean values followed by a common numeral within the same row are not significantly different.
Table 3: Effect of baking time, baking mode and recipe modification on the hardness (N) of Madeira cake.