Concentration (%) Color Flavor Texture Taste OA
4 4.33a 4.33a 5.17a 5a 5.16a
8 5b 5.5b 6b 5.8b 5.83b
12 6.67c 5.66b 6.5b 6bc 6.5c
16 7.33d 6.5c 7.5c 6.33c 7.33d
LSD (P<0.05) 0.608 0.476 0.605 0.498 0.53
The values are the mean of six panelist score. The values having same superscript in a column did not differ significantly at 5% level of significance.
Table 2a: Summary of the statistical test showing the difference between the
treatments and within the variates for optimization of salt concentration in brine at
room temperature (26°C) for 6 hours.