DMGCF in flour blends (%) Moisture Protein Fat Ash Crude fiber Carbohydrate
0 2.31e 4.23f 13.68f 0.70e 0.57f 78.57a
10 2.62d 8.16de 17.70d 1.09de 1.76e 68.64c
20 2.77d 9.02cd 18.93c 2.75c 2.19d 64.41d
30 3.19c 10.16bc 22.27b 3.41b 2.72c 58.21e
40 3.64b 11.53ab 22.74a 3.96a 3.15b 54.91f
50 3.91a 12.29a 23.13a 4.39a 3.76a 52.51g
Mean values with the same superscript letters within the same column do not differ significantly (p > 0.05).
Table 2: Proximate composition of biscuits incorporated with DMGCF.