DMGCF in flour blends (%) Appearance and Colour Flavour Texture Taste Overall Acceptability
0 6.97 6.97ab 6.94abc 6.97ab 7.00a
10 7.31 7.63a 7.13ab 7.25a 7.00a
20 7.19 6.56bc 7.308a 6.94ab 6.91a
30 6.72 6.63bc 7.25abc 6.56abc 6.88a
40 7.13 6.50bc 6.50bc 6.44bc 6.50ab
50 6.69 6.19c 6.38c 6.00c 6.16b
Mean values with the same superscript letters within the same column do not differ significantly (p > 0.05).
Table 3: Effect of de-oiled maize cake on sensory quality of biscuit fortified with DMGCF.