Product Appearance Taste Color Texture Flavor Overall Acceptability
S1 3.8a 3.8a   3.8a 4.0a 3.4a 4.0a
S2 3.4a 3.6b 3.4a 3.8a 3.6a 3.6a
S3 4.0a 4.0a 3.8a 4.2a 3.8a 3.8a
S4 3.6a 3.6a 3.8a 3.8a 4.0a 4.0a
α ≤ 0.05 Values are means of 5 scores from female panelists on each characteristic. Means with similar letter(s) in the same column or rows are not significantly different at 5% significance level
Table 5: Female panelists ANOVA results for evaluating baby food.