Composition Cabinet dried 5% GMS 10% GMS 15% GMS
Moisture 8.43a 7.53c 8.08b 7.93b
Protein 6.13d 7.12c 7.44b 7.77a
Crude Fiber 4.71a 2.60b 2.35c 1.75d
Ash 0.34b 0.35b 0.39b 0.54a
Fat 4.6d 5.74c 7.30b 8.31a
Carbohydrate 75.78b 76.67a 74.46c 73.70d
Values with the same superscript along the row are not significantly different (p≤0.05).
Table 1: Proximate composition of Foam-mat dried Ogi from Maize.