Composition Cabinet dried 5% GMS 10% GMS 15% GMS
Moisture 8.90a 8.24b 7.29c 6.06d
Protein 6.77d 7.35c 8.7b 10.57a
Crude Fiber 3.52b 2.28c 4.37a 4.38a
Ash 0.54c 0.56c 0.66b 1.03a
Fat 3.1d 4.99c 6.07b 7.1a
Carbohydrate 77.1a 74.50c 75.0b 70.87d
Values with the same superscript along the row are not significantly different (p≤0.05).
Table 3: Proximate composition of Foam-mat dried Ogi from Sorghum.