Sensory attribute Fresh Paste Cabinet dried GMS Concentration
5% 10% 15%
Color 4.1a 5.0a 4.5a 4.5a 4.3a
Taste 5.0a 5.3a 4.6a 5.1a 4.9a
 Aroma 4.1a 4.5a 4.8a 4.5a 4.3a
Viscosity 3.8c 6.0a 5.1ab 5.3ab 4.8b
Overall acceptability 4.9a 5.8a 4.9a 5.3a 5.1a
Values with the same superscript along the row are not significantly different (p≤0.05).
Table 5: Mean Sensory Scores of foam-mat dried Ogi prepared from Millet.