Genotypic Code Designated Name of Genotype Fresh weight Plant-1 Dry weight Plant-1 Yield Plant-1
Treatments Treatments Treatments
    Control Drought Control Drought Control Drought
PI-387820 V1 33.69j 18.55p 10.795h 4.095r 1.479l 0.843r
PI-251978 V2 46.26d 22.35n 14.693d 7.935n 2.091h 1.025o
PI-170274 V3 52.11c 30.84m 15.917a 6.437q 3.623b 2.121g
PI-387821 V4 36.79h 15.86r 12.950e 7.936m 2.202f 0.957p
PI-386174 V5 52.35b 38.09g 14.703c 8.937l 2.631d 0.944q
Thori-78 V6 56.47a 39.76f 15.730b 6.440p 4.212a 2.529e
Note: Values sharing same letters in mean columns for genotypes and in rows for treatment did not vary significant at P ≤ 0.05.
Table 3: Comparison of plant growth of different safflower varieties under water deficit.