Treatment** Storage time (day)
0*** 7 14 21
Y-45-4.5-BL 7.63bA 7.32cBC 7.11cD 7.39bB
Y-45-4.5-H-BL 7.63bA 7.51bcB 7.39bcC 7.30bcD
BLY-40-4.5 8.69aB 8.78aA 8.76aA 8.67aC
*Y= Yoghurt cultures (S. thermophilus, L. delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus), 45 / 40 = Incubation temperature,
4.5= Final pH, H =Heat treatment, BL = B. lactis
Table 3: Sensory evaluation of probiotic Doogh in treatments at the end of fermentation (Day 0).