Sample Loaf volume (mL) Density (g/cm3) Specific volume (cm3/g) %Weight loss
S 1100.00±65.66B 0.44±0.06A 2.29±0.27A 9.14±1.08A
HNY 1155.44±90.9B 0.42±0.07A 2.41±0.35A 11.21±1.97A
SHP 1303.33±198.52AB 0.39±0.09A 2.68±0.60A 12.16±2.19A
HP 1461.56±45.05A 0.35±0.03A 2.86±0.22A 12.98±2.21A
*Values are means ± SD of 3 determinations. A-B means with different letters in each column are significantly different (P>0.05).
Table 3: Loaf Volume, Density, Specific Density and %Weight Loss of Bread Samples (Day 0)*