Days Treatments Means
T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7
0 day 48.67±3.00b-d 50.67±2.08ab 50.33±1.53a-c 52.00±1.00a 50.33±1.53a-c 50.67±1.53ab 52.00±1.00a 51.33±2.06a 50.75±1.72a
3 days 47.67±3.00d-f 48.33±1.53b-e 48.00±2.00c-e 50.33±1.15a-c 48.00±1.00c-e 48.00±1.00c-e 50.33±1.15a-c 48.33±1.15b-e 48.63±1.50b
7 days 45.33±2.52f-h 46.00±1.00e-g 46.33±1.53d-g 48.00±1.00c-e 46.00±1.00e-g 45.33±0.58f-h 48.00±0.72c-e 45.33±1.43f-h 46.29±1.22c
10 days 43.00±3.11h-n 44.00±1.00g-l 45.00±2.00g-i 46.33±0.58d-g 44.00±1.00g-l 43.00±0.43h-n 46.33±0.56d-g 42.00±1.00k-p 44.21±1.21d
14 days 41.67±3.51l-q 42.00±1.00k-p 43.33±1.53h-m 44.67±0.58g-j 41.67±1.53l-q 40.67±0.54n-s 44.33±1.19g-k 39.33±0.58q-v 42.21±1.31e
17 days 39.67±3.21p-u 40.67±0.58n-s 41.33±1.53m-q 42.67±0.58i-n 39.33±1.53q-v 38.67±0.84r-v 42.33±0.83j-o 37.00±1.00vw 40.21±1.26f
20 days 38.00±1.00t-v 38.67±0.58r-v 40.00±1.00o-t 41.00±1.00m-r 37.33±1.53u-w 38.33±1.32s-v 40.67±1.15n-s 35.33±1.15w 38.67±1.09g
Means 43.43±2.76c 44.33±1.11b 44.91±1.59b 46.43±0.84a 43.81±1.30c 43.52±0.89c 46.29±0.94a 42.67±1.20d  
Where, T0 = Control; T1 = Alginate 1%; T2= Alginate 2%; T3 = Alginate 3%; T4 = Soy 1%; T5 = Soy 2%; T6 = Soy 3%; T7 = Commercial wax.
Table 6: Means for ascorbic acid (mg/100gm) of strawberry treated with different edible coatings kept at controlled climate chamber.