Sample Moisture Ash Crude fibre Fat Protein Carbohydrate Energy (kCal)
A 8.31b 0.81c 5.08a 1.80c 9.58c 74.42a 352.20c
B 10.32a 0.66c 4.51b 2.35b 7.85c 74.31a 349.79c
C 5.68c 1.46b 4.39b 2.51b 14.38a 71.58a 366.43b
D 6.63c 1.53b 3.67c 2.32b 15.21a 69.64b 360.20b
E 4.00d 3.00a 5.00a 9.00a 15.50a 63.50d 397.00a
Values with different subscripts in a column are significantly different (p<0.05).
Key: A=100% unmalted QPM.
B=100% malted QPM.
C=70% unmalted QPM+30% Cowpea.
D=70% malted QPM+30% Cowpea.
E=Commercial complementary food.
Table 2: Proximate composition of formulated complementary diets (%).