Sample Calcium Potassium Magnesium Iron Phosphorus
A 27.03b 550.02a 24.15b 0.27 350.42a
B 26.08b 450.42b 26.33b 0.26 355.85a
C 33.34a 528.22a 31.05a 0.32 333.22b
D 22.67c 436.25b 23.55b 0.39 322.18b
Values with different subscripts in a column are significantly different (p<0.05)
Key: A=100% unmalted QPM.
B=100% malted QPM.
C=70% unmalted QPM+30% Cowpea.
D=70% malted QPM+30% Cowpea.
Table 3: Mineral composition of the formulated samples (mg/100g).