Sample Bulk density Oil absorption capacity WAC @ room temperature WAC @ 60°C WAC @ 70°C WAC @ 80°C WAC @ 90°C
A 0.73a 2.12a 310b 349a 331a 419a 459a
B 0.68b 1.76c 228c 213c 224b 290c 272c
C 0.70b 1.68c 361a 252b 327a 377b 419b
D 0.65c 1.87b 216c 214c 228b 234d 236d
Values with different subscripts in a column are significantly different (p<0.05)
Key: WAC=Water Absorption Capacity.
A=100% unmalted QPM.
B=100% malted QPM.
C=70% unmalted QPM+30% Cowpea.
D=70% malted QPM+30% Cowpea.
Table 4: Bulk density (g/ml), oil absorption capacity (g/100g) and water absorption
capacity (g/100g) of the Samples at different temperatures (°C).