Sample Peak Trough1 Breakdown Final viscosity Setback Peak time Pasting temperature
A 208.67b 140.75b 67.92a 226.08b 85.33b 6.23 83.66b
B 37.83c 32.67c 5.17c 85.08c 52.42c 6.25 85.12a
C 267.75a 225.58a 42.17b 319.17a 93.58a 5.22 81.42b
D 34.67c 30.42c 4.25c 84.08c 53.67c 6.42 81.42b
Values with different subscripts in a column are significantly different (p<0.05).
Key: A=100% unmalted QPM.
B=100% malted QPM.
C=70% unmalted QPM+30% Cowpea.
D=70% malted QPM+30% Cowpea.
Table 5: Pasting characteristics of the formulated samples.