MZ = meso-zeaxanthin (highlighted in red); Z = zeaxanthin; L = lutein; Normal phase chiral conditions were used to obtain the above chromatographs. Absorbance spectra are shown for each peak with the exception of MZ in chromatograph C (no absorption spectrum was obtained for this small MZ peak). MZ peak highlighted in red. A. illustrates a standard mixture of MZ, Z and L which was used for retention time matching as part of MZ identification (see retention times and absorption spectra); B. illustrates a non-saponified L standard; C. illustrates the L standard after mild saponification (5% KOH at 45°C overnight); D. illustrates the L standard after intense saponification (10% KOH at 120°C overnight); Note: only following intense saponification of the standard was L converted to MZ, reflected in an altered MZ:L %ratio
Figure 1: Saponification of Lutein under different saponification conditions.