Amino Acid Quarshie Salintuya Anidaso Jenguma
Glutamic acid+Lysine 23.70c 20.16a 24.24d 20.28b
Histidine 7.32c 7.02b 6.78a -
Threonine 57.48c 58.80d 54.36a 54.72b
Isoleucine 20.16d 20.04c 19.38b 19.14a
Leucine 32.40d 31.44b 31.56c 30.60a
Phenylalanine 21.36d 20.64b 20.76c 19.98a
Tryptophan 2.46a - - 3.12b
Valine 4.26b 6.78D 3.90a 6.48c
Total EAA 169.14 167.94 160.98 154.32
Glycine 16.86d 15.18A 16.68c 15.60b
Serine 46.08a 48.30B 55.92d 52.44c
Aspartic acid 41.53d 39.36B 39.00a 39.78c
Alanine 69.12c 67.98B 63.96a 75.30d
Tyrosine 14.52d 14.10c 13.38b 13.20a
Proline 21.18a 21.48c 21.24b -
Arginine 16.80a 23.58d 23.16c 21.78b
Total NEAA 226.09 229.98 233.34 218.1
Different letters in the same row between corresponding pairs indicates significant differences (P<0.05) by Tukey’s test.
- Not detected
Table 2: Amino Acid Composition of Ghanaian soybean varieties (g/kg).