Amino Acid Manipinta Sinkarzie F-Mix Chinese
Glutamic acid+Lysine - 10.32a 10.20b -
Histidine - 4.08a 3.64b 2.10c
Threonine - 41.64a 34.74b 38.58c
Isoleucine 12.78a 10.14b 10.32c 8.10d
Leucine 24.12a 18.12b 17.82c 14.28d
Phenylalanine 18.90a 13.08b 13.74c 12.06d
Tryptophan - - - -
Valine 11.28a 3.24b 3.72c 6.30d
Total EAA 67.08 100.62 94.2 81.42
Glycine 26.22a 17.40b 16.14c -
Serine - 31.73a 30.48b -
Aspartic acid 14.60a 27.30b 25.26c 22.02d
Alanine - 31.68a 24.18b 20.94c
Tyrosine 12.96a 9.90b 8.64c 7.08d
Proline 11.16a 7.30b 7.32c 6.78d
Arginine 5.46a 22.63b 22.62c 16.92d
Total NEAA 70.6 147.94 133.4 73.74
*Different letters in the same row between corresponding pairs indicate significant differences (P<0.05) by Tukey’s test.
– Not Detected
Table 3: Composition of amino acids in four Ghanaian groundnut varieties (g/kg).