S No. Biofortified substance Method of Biofortification Plants References
1 Iodine and selenium Applied  foliarly  or  through the  nutrient  medium  in  the  hydroponic  system  of  nutrient  film  technique Lettuce [110]
2 Selenium Foliar spraying Onions and Carrots [111]
3 Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn Rhizobacteria: Providenciasp PW5; cyanobacterial:  Anabaenasp CW1, Calothrixsp CW2. Anabaenasp CW3. Wheat [112]
4 Zinc Zn  fertilization and Foliar  Zn applications  Rice [113]
5 Selenium Growing wheat plants with co-inoculation of selenobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Wheat [114]
6 Protein, Fe and Zn Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) symbiosis with chickpea Chickpea [115]
7 Iodine I  fertilization  Spinach  [116]
8 Zinc Inoculation  of  zinc  solubilizing  Bacillus  aryabhattai  strains Soybean And  wheat  [117]
9   Selenium Inoculation of Arbuscular mycorrhizal  fungi  Lettuces [118]
10 Selenium Agronomic and/or genetic approaches Lentil [119]
11 Selenium Soils amended with ground shoots of the Se hyperaccumulatorStanleyapinnata. Broccoli and carrots [120]
12 Selenium Soil  and  foliar  Se application Rice [121]
13 Zinc Fertilizer  applications Wheat [122]
Table 2: Examples of some recent biofortification crops.