Cucurbita seeds flour Parameters
Oil content% Protein% Fiber% Ash% Available Carbohydrates%
Tibish 27.17b±0.07 27.27b±0.14 26.12a± 0.14 5.53a±0.0 13.90a±0.07
Fagoos 34.25a±0.14 27.78a±0.14 25.51a±0.42 4.73a±0.14 8.23a±0.21
L.s.d 0.05 0.5357 0.4639 0.4309 0.2718 0.4382
Each value in the table is a mean of 3 replications
Mean ± SD value(s) bearing different superscript letter(s) within the same column differ significantly (P ≤ 0.05)
Table 1: Proximate analysis of the two species of cucurbitaceae seeds flour.