Cucurbitaceae Samples Minerals
Ca Mg Na K Mn Cu Fe
Tibish 10.1b 45.1b 44.1b 158.9b 1.13b 2.33b 7.4b
Fagoos 19.7d 56.8d 23.6d 194.7d 0.98d 2.2b 5.7d
L.S.D 0.05 0.4578 0.0999 0.4578 0.6551 0.0153 0.2997 0.2079
Each value in the table is a mean of 3 replications
Mean value (s) bearing different superscript letter(s) within the same column differ significantly (P ≤ 0.05)
Table 2: Minerals content of the two species of cucurbitaceae seeds flour (mg/100 g).